Family Discovers Dog's Secret Arrangement With A Local Baker

"When it comes to food, he's a sneak" 😂

This is Chito — a little dog who, quite inexplicably, has become not so petite despite supposedly maintaining a regular healthy diet.

Turns out, Chito had a secret. But it's a secret no longer. (Sorry, pup.)

Melissa Ceballos Cabrera

Chito lives with the Cabrera family in Mexico. It's there that the adorable dachshund has taken it upon himself to serve as a guard dog of sorts, keeping watch over things at home during the day and alerting his people when strangers approach. Or so his family thought.

This guard dog was actually being vigilant for a much different reason — and that explains his waistline.

Recently, the Cabreras made an interesting discovery, and they caught it on video. The footage they captured shows Chito posted at their gate as usual as a local baker approaches on a bike with his tasty wares. Without hesitating, the baker hands Chito a secret meal, which he accepts with a wagging tail.

This doesn't appear to be a one-time thing.

Chito's owner, Kevin Ceballos Cabrera, says the baker is known to stop by and sell sandwiches when his family is home, but this covert arrangement with the dog is a different story.

"Truth is, it's not surprising. Chito always cheats when it comes to food," Cabrera told The Dodo. "He often leads my mom to believe that he hasn't been fed yet so she'll feed him double."

Melissa Ceballos Cabrera

Despite knowing the truth, the Cabreras apparently don't plan to put a kibosh on Chito's sweet routine with the baker. Fortunately, the dog has managed to avoid gaining too much extra weight from those secret snacks (but it does explain why he's a bit thicker than you might expect).

Other than that, Chito's a dream to have around.

"He is a very noble and protective dog," Cabrera said. "But when it comes to food, he's a sneak."