Dog Conveniently Loses His Hearing When His Owner Finds Him In A Giant Puddle

He is NOT coming out 😂

You might think this little pup named Peanut is hard of hearing — but that’s only partially true.

He is when he wants to be.


The other day, Peanut was out for a walk with his owner Tammy Salusky when he happened upon a soggy slice of doggy heaven. There, in the middle of the trail they were walking on, was a massive puddle of mud — a dirty temptation too appealing to pass up.

Peanut simply couldn’t resist.

As you'll see, apparently that glorious puddle came with a side effect. Little Peanut's ears seemed to have gone momentarily deaf to his owner's commands — quite conveniently, of course:

It wasn't until every inch of his body was thoroughly sullied that the formerly clean dog's hearing miraculously returned.

Was it worth it for Peanut? You can bet it was.