Man Sees Dog On A Remote Dirt Road — Then Realizes He's Asking For Help

"It was like the dog was saying, ‘Everything is wrong. My owner is around here somewhere. Don’t leave yet.’"

Last Sunday morning got off to a rocky start for tow truck driver Martin Hall Jr.. He'd driven out on a call to a remote property in Coulterville, California, only to have the job fall through.

Little did Hall realize at the time, however, that circumstances were aligning for him to save a man's life — thanks to the help of two faithful pups.

Martin Hall Jr.

While navigating his way home through the dirt back roads, Hall reached an unexpected fork in his path. 

"I didn’t know which road to take, so I just picked one," Hall told The Dodo. "That’s when I noticed there was a dog just laying in the center of the dirt road out in the middle of nowhere."

Seeing he was dragging a leash, Hall assumed the dog was lost. So he pulled his truck over to offer assistance, and tried to coax the pup closer by offering his sandwich, but the dog wouldn't budge.

Hall would soon come to realize why.

Martin Hall Jr.

Unable to grab the dog to carry him to safety, Hall began taking a video he'd planned to post to social media later on, in hopes the dog's owner would see it.

In the clip, Hall explained what led him to the dog — not knowing that there was much more to the story yet to come.

Disappointed that he couldn't do more, Hall left his sandwich and some water for the dog and began to drive away. It was then that he was struck with an uncanny feeling.

"Something inside me said, ‘Try again,’" Hall recalled. "It was like the dog was saying, ‘Everything is wrong. My owner is around here somewhere. Don’t leave yet.’ So, I got out of the truck and started another video. That’s when I heard something."

Here's video of what happened next:

Just off the road, lying prone with another dog by his side, was an older man who needed Hall's help. Hall learned that the man had injured himself in a fall about 7 hours earlier while out walking his dogs, and was left unable to stand.

Had the dog in the road not forced Hall to stop, the injured man's predicament may have gone unnoticed.

Martin Hall Jr.

Hall called 911, and first responders rushed to the scene. Thankfully, the man had been found in time — thanks to his dogs, who Hall came to learn had both been rescued years earlier. They needed Hall to help them return the favor.

"There was just a series of events that took place to put me there," Hall said. "It was kind of overwhelming, after the fact, how everything transpired to bring me there at that point."

Martin Hall Jr.

Things could have ended up much differently if it weren't for the dog Hall encountered — or for Hall's willingness to read his behavior as something worth a second thought.

"I’m a dog lover and an animal lover," Hall said. "I think animals communicate with us, but it's up to us to figure out what they are trying to say."