Dog Finds Biggest 'Stick' Ever And Tries To Take It Home

Definitely wasn't a tree 😂

Frankie loves going on walks and can barely contain her excitement when she realizes one is about to happen. Her mom tries to be careful saying the word around her — but even when she spells it out, Frankie still knows what’s up. 

“I sometimes think she’s a human as she is so intelligent,” Natalie Keegan, Frankie’s mom, told The Dodo. “She can even spell. I say ‘W’ ‘A’ ‘L’ ‘K’ and before I say the ‘L’ she’s already sat looking at the drawer where her lead is kept.”

dog finds huge stick
Natalie Keegan

On her walks, Frankie loves to greet and play with every person and dog she sees — but her absolute favorite part about walks is finding sticks. 

“She constantly looks for sticks, the bigger the better,” Keegan said. 

Frankie has made it her life’s mission to find the biggest stick possible and take it along with her, and recently, she made her biggest discovery yet. She and her mom were walking along when, suddenly, off to the side of the path, Frankie spotted something she knew she had to have. 

“When she first found the stick/tree it was hidden in some undergrowth,” Keegan said. “Her eyes lit up as she attempted to drag it out.” 

dog finds huge stick
Natalie Keegan

When Frankie and her “stick” finally emerged from the bushes, her mom couldn’t help but laugh when she realized what she’d found wasn’t really a stick at all, but a fallen tree. Still, Frankie loved it and proceeded to do her best to drag it along with her, inch by inch. 

“She was dragging it around the field for about 45 [minutes], great workout,” Keegan said. 

Natalie Keegan

Even though the “stick” was clearly too big for her, Frankie was determined to keep it, and probably would have tried to drag it all the way home if her mom hadn’t put an end to the hilarity. Now, on all her future walks, Frankie will no doubt be trying to find an even bigger stick — but her mom thinks she’s probably reached her peak.

“I don’t think we’ll beat this one,” Keegan said.