Random Dog Crashes Family Reunion — Which He Apparently Does A Lot

"Please don't feed me" 😂

The other day, Leslie Kowash was at a family reunion in Georgia when a friendly local decided to drop in on the party, seemingly out of nowhere.

It was a sweet brown pup — and a rather plump one, at that.

“We were in the yard of our cottage, with a big buffet table full of delicious southern food,” Kowash told The Dodo.

(That fact will come into play.)

Leslie Kowash

Kowash and her family, of course, welcomed the dog warmly. He happily accepted plenty of pets and belly rubs — but the true purpose of his visit soon became clear.

Turns out, he’d come for free snacks. And winning over the crowd was apparently his way of getting them.

But little did the dog know his foolproof plan had been undermined from the start.

Leslie Kowash

When Kowash checked his collar, this is what she saw:

Leslie Kowash

Nice try, pup!

His owner was onto him. So, per their request, Kowash held back on the handouts and gave him just affection instead.

But the dog did still come out ahead in the end:

“Fortunately for him, not everyone read the tag. He got a few bites from other people,” Kowash said. “Once we started cleaning up, he must have decided he wasn't going to get much more, because the next time I looked, he had moseyed home.”