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Dog Would Probably Prefer To Forget What Happened During Lake Trip

"I don't know if he was trying to save her or save himself" 😂

Even if this sweet dog named Sam were suddenly granted the power of speech, he'd probably prefer to stay silent on this one.

We’ll just call it the "lake incident.”


Like most golden retrievers, 2-year-old Sam enjoys spending time in the water. So when his family decided to take a trip to the lake for a day of swimming, it only made sense to invite Sam along. They brought a life jacket him, just to be safe.

But once the fun commenced, things took a rather ugly turn. The basics of water safety apparently slipped Sam's mind.

In all the excitement, he almost drowned his human.


"My dad threw his ball into the water for him to get, which he did until he spotted my sister and decided to swim over to her instead," Holly Monson, Sam's owner, told The Dodo. "I don't know if he was trying to save her or save himself."

Whether Sam was driven by courage or cowardice, either way he certainly wasn't helping things.

Thankfully, Monson's sister was also wearing a life jacket. At that moment, she needed it.


"He put my sister under for a good five seconds before my dad came to the rescue!" Monson said. 

Sam wasn't meaning to be bad, of course, but photos of the incident are still pretty damning.


In the end, it was really no big deal. Monson's sister was fine and Sam was, too.

"We got him back onto our boat and gave him his ball, and all was good," Monson said. "The was his first swim of the day, so he could have been a little nervous."

Fortunately, that little mishap didn't put a damper on the outing. Soon, Sam was back to being a confident swimmer.

"We played fetch with him again in the shallows so he could get used to it and after that he was completely comfortable," Monson said. 


Although Sam would probably prefer to forget about what happened that day, it'd be wise for Monson's family and other pet owners to keep it fresh in their minds in future outings involving water.

Here are some important safety tips to consider when allowing your dog to swim.