11 Gifts Every Dog Wants For Christmas

'Tis the season 🐶🎁

The holidays are just one more excuse to pamper our pets. After all, your dog probably has his own Christmas stocking hanging on the mantel already. 

But you don't have to blow your budget to make your furry friend happy! There are plenty of fun and useful Christmas gifts for dogs out there — some you can even make yourself! 

Whether your dog’s been naughty or nice, here are a few stocking stuffers he’s sure to enjoy:

Festive homemade dog treats

Christmas cookies aren’t just for humans. There are plenty of delicious (and nutritious) recipes for holiday-themed dog treats out there. You can spoil your pup with his own candy cane-shaped dog treats, or doggy gingerbread men, or decorate your fave dog bone recipe with DIY dog-safe frosting.

An anxiety wrap

Help your pup deal with the stress of New Year’s Eve fireworks with a dog anxiety wrap. You can purchase one in an array of colors, fabrics and sizes or you can make your own out of a strip of cloth. The holiday season is all about relaxing and getting cozy with your loved ones, and that goes for dogs, too.  

A personalized dog tag

Like July 4th, New Year’s can be full of loud, scary noises and it’s important that your pup has proper identification before the countdown begins. This holiday season, make sure your dog is microchipped and has an up-to-date ID tag. ID tags come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that fits your dog’s personality.

A cozy winter coat

Not all dogs get chilly when temperatures drop, but if your dog is older, has a short hair coat or is toy-sized, she may benefit from wearing a winter jacket. Style and function don’t have to be mutually exclusive; plenty of dog coats sport bold patterns along with wind- and waterproofing. Whether your pup is an adventure dog or prefers the great indoors, he will stay cozy and protected with the right coat.

A KONG toy

Whether you have a teething puppy or a senior dog at home, one of these durable natural rubber toys can be so simple yet so satisfying. The toy’s design allows it to roll and bounce every which way, and when stuffed with peanut butter, cream cheese or kibble, it becomes even more enticing. The treat-dispensing KONG can add to the fun, allowing your pup to literally play with her food.

One of your T-shirts

This gift is the simplest of all, but you know it’s what your dog really wants. The perfect shirt may be sitting in your closet or on your body this very instant — the more it smells like you, the better. The soft shirt will be perfect for sleeping on, or, you know, ripping to shreds.

Doggy snowshoes

Winter walks don’t have to be a hazard if you protect your pup’s feet against the cold pavement, ice and snow-melting chemicals with a pair of booties. When shopping, look for comfortable, waterproof booties with a textured sole and an adjustable strap. You can even make dog booties at home if you have some spare time on your hands. Your pup may not like them at first, but every stocking needs at least one practical gift (think of it as the dog version of socks).

A donation to dogs in need

No matter where your dog is from, he wouldn’t be celebrating the holidays if he didn’t have you. With so many dogs still homeless this season, you can make a difference by donating to your local shelter in the name of your furry friend. By giving pet supplies off the shelter’s wish list or a monetary donation, or even volunteering, it will make the holidays a little cheerier for those less fortunate.

A doggy water fountain

Once it gets warmer, you can help him stay hydrated with a water dispenser that makes drinking fun. Simply hook up your choice of doggy water fountain to a hose for fresh running water whenever your pup wants. It may take a few days to train your dog to use it, but placing a treat or two on the pedal can speed up the process.

A bow tie

If your pup hates wearing clothes, her choice of festive garb may be limited. A little bow tie attached to her collar is a great way to mark a special occasion — and it can really jazz up a holiday card. Not to mention, a dapper dog often gets more attention. You can make a bow tie at home with just a napkin, glue gun and a clip.

An adventure harness

Expand the activities that you and your dog can do together, with a soft, lightweight harness perfect for hiking, climbing or an active walk. A waist leash can help you go hands-free, making jogging with your furry buddy a blast. They’ll appreciate the extra time with you and the exercise — just make sure to pack plenty of water and treats!