Dog Does The Bravest Thing When Thief Tries To Steal From His House

Zero is normally a scaredy cat.

Zero, a 9-year-old Labrador retriever, is the definition of a good boy.

“He loves swimming and playing ball,” Whitney King Cahoon, Zero’s mom, told The Dodo. “He is scared of almost everything, but very lovable.”

With his gentle nature and sensitive personality, he’s usually the opposite of a guard dog. But this past weekend, Zero left everyone speechless when the time came to defend his family from a thief.

dog defends home package thief
Whitney King Cahoon

A man snuck up to the Utah family’s porch and, with no one watching, grabbed a package that was sitting on the doorstep, as shown on the doorbell cam. The thief started creeping back to his getaway car when Zero came barreling out of the house, frantically barking and chasing the man away.

The thief, who was clearly startled, tossed the package back into the yard before quickly driving away. Sweet Zero then just went about his business as if nothing just happened, sniffing the ground and even stopping to do his business before traipsing back inside.

The fun-loving pup seemed to think nothing of his heroic deed — but his mom was definitely impressed. Although the package only contained a light dimmer switch that cost around $4, Cahoon is very thankful Zero decided to go after the thief.

Hopefully, Zero’s newfound toughness will be enough to keep sticky fingers away from the block.

dog defends home thief
Whitney King Cahoon

“I didn’t expect him to go after them, but I am proud of him for scaring them off,” Cahoon said. “He earned his keep.”