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Squirrel Tricks Dog Into Getting Horribly Stuck

"It would appear that Jack went chasing after said squirrel and he was outsmarted."

World, meet Jack β€” a dear old dog who's not one to back down to any fluffy-tailed challengers.

If Jack looks a little out of it, you'll soon see why.

Cheatham County Animal Control

Earlier this week, the 10-year-old Great Pyrenees was outside his family home in Tennessee when, it is believed, a local squirrel began taunting him, cavalierly strutting around like he owned the place (as squirrels are wont to do). Jack, it seems, was not amused.

Apparently, a chase then ensued β€” but the squirrel was slyer than Jack had anticipated.

He led the persistent pup directly into a culvert pipe running underneath the family's driveway.

Cheatham County Animal Control

Here's how Cheatham County Animal Control reconstructs the scene, writing in a post online:

"It would appear that Jack went chasing after said squirrel and he was outsmarted. You see, Jack wasn't going to let this one get the better of him, he went right in after that skinny squirrel."

Unfortunately, squeezing into the pipe was one thing β€” squeezing out of it was quite another. 

Jack got stuck. Meanwhile, the squirrel presumably got away.

Cheatham County Animal Control

The dog's family had no idea where their dog had gone or what he was up to.

And then they heard him whimpering.

Oh, Jack.

Cheatham County Animal Control

With no way of getting the dog out on their own, the family called animal control and the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department for help.

"As soon as Mom and Dad realized where he went, things started to happen," animal control wrote in the post.

And rescuers certainly had their work cut out for them.

Cheatham County Animal Control

Jack had ended up getting so deep inside the piping that he lay beneath the actual driveway.

To avoid causing too much damage, the crew dug out the pipe on one end and cut it off as close as they could to the side. Things were getting messy β€” but Jack was worth it.

Cheatham County Animal Control

Eventually, the dog was in reach β€” and all that work paid off.

"We crawled inside the culvert and hauled his keister out," animal control wrote. "You could literally see the relief in his eyes, you could also hear the sighs of relief behind us from the family eagerly awaiting to see their little boy safe and sound."

Cheatham County Animal Control

Fortunately, Jack seemed only slightly worse for wear following the rescue, but he was seen by a vet just in case.

"With a load of staff and others, Doc checked him out from head to toe, with nothing out of the ordinary found and considering his age and the situation he has been stuck in," animal control wrote.

Cheatham County Animal Control

Jack's family was so relieved.

Cheatham County Animal Control

Cheatham County Animal Control concluded its gripping account of Jack's misadventure, and hard-earned rescue, in the best way possible:

"Tonight, Jack is sacked out in front of a fireplace with a bed that is just right in size, near the ones he loves and with those who love him just as dearly. Next time Jack ... leave the squirrels alone."