Dog Home Alone Goes To Steal Food From Counter — Then He Hears A Voice

He was shocked 😂

Ivar is a beloved dog who lives with Krissa Wright and her parents.

In the years he's been a part of their family, the pup has proven himself to be a very good and obedient boy. Which is why, when food began to randomly disappear from the kitchen counter, it came as somewhat of a mystery.

"Ivar actually never steals food from us," Wright told The Dodo. "We could put food on the ground and go away and he would not touch it."

But soon the truth was uncovered.

Krissa Wright

Recently, Wright's dad decided to set up a motion-detecting camera, with a speaker to talk through remotely, on the counter near a few bags of jerky — the mystery thief's preferred treats. He'd get an alert on his phone when the food was under threat, and be able to confront the would-be robber.

And that's exactly what happened.

One day while at work, with Ivar left home alone, Dad's phone started buzzing.

Here's what he saw:

It would appear that Ivar was the thief after all. And he was visibly shocked to have been nabbed by a voice from beyond (though he still seemed to debate whether or not to carry through with the crime).

"I guess you can say he was caught 'red-pawed,'" Wright said.

The jerky had been saved — and later on, Ivar was given a good talking-to.

Krissa Wright

Now that Ivar is aware that someone could be watching as he sneakily helps himself to treats, surely the thefts would cease, right?

Wrong. The "mystery" thief struck once more — and again unseen.

"Later that night he ate two whole bags of jerky, but my dad was home so the camera was off," Wright said.

But, of course, without video evidence that he's actually eaten any of the jerky, there's technically still reasonable doubt whether Ivar was ever to blame. Therefore, until proven otherwise, he is and remains a very good boy .

"Ivar's a smarty," Wright said.