Dog Caught On Camera Cuddling With Mom's Clothes When She's Away

"My heart absolutely melted" ❤️

This is Kalina — a sweet German shepherd who adores spending time with her owner, Raven Atchison. So much so that she gets a bit upset when Atchison isn't home.

But thankfully, Kalina found an adorable way to cope.

Raven Atchison

Aware that her dog experiences separation anxiety, Atchison does her best to stay home as much as possible. When she does have to leave, Atchison makes sure she can always check up on Kalina.

"I set up these cameras so that, when I’m away from home, I can check in on her and make sure she’s OK," Atchison told The Dodo. "And to see if there are any stressors in her environment when I’m not there."

Recently, while checking the cameras,, Atchison observed an unexpected behavior.

Kalina was apparently feeling stressed about being home alone — and to ease it, she gently picked up a piece of Atchison's clothing and cuddled with it for comfort.

Here's that moment on video:

Even though Atchison was out, Kalina found a way to be close to her in spirit.

"My heart absolutely melted! I’m incredibly touched that my scent alone is such a comfort to her." Atchison said. "To have been able to watch her snuggle up with my clothing, and then actually lay down calmly and peacefully with it, made my entire day."

Raven Atchison

After seeing the video, Atchison suddenly remembered that, in the past, she's found her clothing in weird spots without remembering putting it there. Now, she knew exactly why.

"It definitely solved the mystery with a very cute answer," she said.