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Dog Who Broke Her Leg In Well Was Saved Just In Time

She's down to three legs — but she's SO much happier now ❤️

Phoenix was living on the streets of India when she somehow broke her leg and later fell into a well, unable to climb out on her own. The well was not that deep, but because of her condition she couldn’t pull herself out, and was sinking deeper and deeper into the water. She was just hours away from drowning when someone finally noticed her. 

Animal Aid Unlimited got the call about Phoenix and immediately rushed out to help her. When rescuers arrived, it was clear that she wasn’t going to last much longer stuck in the well, and they needed to get her out as quickly as possible. 

One of the rescuers reached into the well, and very gently began to pull her out … 

… and she let him, so grateful that someone had finally come to help her. 

As Phoenix’s rescuer carefully carried her back to their van, everyone could see that her leg was very, very broken, and the poor dog seemed to be in shock. They rushed her back to their shelter, hoping they had found her in time to save her life. 

After examining Phoenix and her broken leg, her rescuers determined that the leg was unfortunately too far gone to save, and they would need to amputate it in order to stop the spread of infection. 

“She was in severe shock — her extremities were cold and her pulse was very weak,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote in a video about Phoenix’s rescue. “The shock may have been caused from blood loss or sepsis.” 

Before they could amputate her leg, however, Phoenix needed hours of care and rest so she could regain a little of her strength in order to survive the surgery. Her rescuers stayed with her around the clock, tending to her every need, until she finally seemed to be doing a little better, and they began prepping her for surgery. 

“There were many times we feared we might lose her,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote. “But something truly amazing was about to happen.” 

Phoenix survived the surgery and became a three-legged dog — and is now the happiest, cutest little dog around. 

Phoenix adjusted to life with only three legs very quickly, and is now running and playing just like any other dog. She is so grateful to her rescuers for saving her life, and cuddles with them every chance she gets. Without them, she would have drowned in that well, but instead, she’s getting the best second chance. 

Watch the full video of Phoenix's rescue here. (Warning: Contains some graphic footage.)

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