Good Little Dog Spotted Bringing Home Takeout For His Family

"He's the best. I'm very lucky to have him."

If the surest way to the human heart is through the stomach, then prepare to fall in love with this little dog named Oliver.

He's got exactly what you want.

Oliver lives in Toronto, Canada, with his owner Jessica Reanne Adario. It was there, with the city under quarantine, that the adorable dachshund was spotted walking down the sidewalk by Adario's neighbor, Jagger Long. But, it turns out, the little dog wasn't out on some aimless stroll.

In his mouth was a McDonald's bag — what Long described as a fast-food "delivery" for his family.

"Jessica Reanne you have one [hardworking] doggie there!" Long wrote.

Here's that moment on video:

Though it might appear from the video that Oliver was out and about on his own, his owner was there too, walking a short way ahead. It seems they'd gone together to pick up the food, but Oliver made sure they got it back to their house safely.

He is, after all, a very good dog.

"He's the best," Adario wrote. "I'm very lucky to have him."