Dog 'Best Man' Isn't Quite Ready To Give His Mom Away

“Everyone at the ceremony laughed."

Matthew and Nambok Howard wanted a wedding day they’d never forget. And thanks to their rescue bulldog Diesel, they got just that.

Diesel has always had a big personality, so his parents knew involving him in the ceremony was a risk. Still, they couldn't picture their special day without him.

“Diesel is a bit of a show-stealer,” Matthew Howard told The Dodo, “so I should have known he'd attempt something to get everyone's attention.”

Diesel the bulldog hams it up for the camera
Matthew Howard

On the day of the wedding, all four of the couple's dogs were present — with Diesel acting as “bestest man.”

Howard planned the entire wedding down to the last detail. The one thing he couldn’t plan for how Diesel would behave.

Matthew Howard

Sure enough, the excitement was too much for the pup.

“He watched my partner be driven in and then walk down the aisle. He was very excited to see her, thinking maybe he would be getting a car ride," Howard said. "When my wife took her place at the altar Diesel instinctively sniffed her pants, and then somewhat out of character, decided that where she was standing should be his.”

Dog pees on bride during wedding
Matthew Howard

Before his parents could say “I do,” the dog cocked his leg and began peeing a little too close to the bride. “Fortunately, given the angle, he missed her outfit by centimeters,” Howard said.

Once the pup had finished, he turned and started kicking leaves at the couple, before trotting away with a smug expression on his face.

Bulldog best man pees on bride
Matthew Howard

“Everyone at the ceremony laughed, including my wife,” Howard said. “We've had Diesel for six years now, so she's well aware of his cheeky habits.”

“We're dog people, so she laughed and put it down to Diesel being Diesel,” Howard added.

Bride forgives dog for peeing on her
Matthew Howard

To show that all was forgiven, Diesel and his mom shared a celebratory first dance at the reception.

As the Howards prove, sometimes your special day doesn’t turn out as expected — sometimes it’s better (and wetter) than you can imagine.

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