Clever Dog Always Asks People For Coins To Buy Himself Treats At The Store

"As soon as I arrived, he scratched my leg with his little paw."

Serch Vazquez works as a supervisor for a bottled water distributor in Mexico City. He recently decided to join one of the company's drivers on their delivery route, during which they stopped by a small market that also sells food out of a front window.

That's where Vazquez met a very special dog named Cabron, who had a very unique request.

"As soon as I arrived, he scratched my leg with his little paw," Vazquez told The Dodo.

What did Cabron want? He wanted money.

Serch Vazquez

Having visited the store many times before, Vazquez's colleague was evidently well-acquainted with Cabron's routine.

"The driver told me to give him a peso to see what he does with it," Vazquez said. "So I gave it to him."

Much to his surprise, Vazquez then watched as the dog took the coin and headed straight to the storefront window, where he deposited it for the cashier. Cabron knew exactly what he was doing — he was buying a snack.

Here's video of Cabron in action:

Vazquez was stunned.

"I celebrate all dogs, but this one is something very special," he said. "It warmed my heart to see what he does. He does this to everyone who comes to the store."

It's unclear exactly why Cabron started asking for money like this, but some added info gives rise to an interesting possibility. Turns out, the dog was adopted by the woman who runs the shop. She, the controller of the snacks, has presumably learned not to be swayed by Cabron's frequent requests for free handouts from her.

So, seeing that customers are always given food in exchange for money, Cabron, perhaps, realized he could do the same if he could convince people to give him some coins. His shopkeeping owner certainly wouldn't turn away a paying customer, right? Apparently, it's worked well so far.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain — Cabron is a very clever pup.