Dog And Baby Have The Most Adorable After-Nap Routine

"They’re great together" ❤

Even before this pup named Dodger met his new baby brother Everett face-to-face, he was head over paws in love.

And it showed.

“He was the best cuddle buddy during my pregnancy, and always somewhere near my belly,” Jessie Klorman, Dodger's owner, told The Dodo.

Jessie Klorman

Everett was born several weeks premature, so his stay at the hospital was longer than most. But meanwhile, back at the house, the dear dog's eagerness to finally meet him in person never faded.

"Once Everett was home from the hospital, Dodger either wanted to be cuddled up right next to us, or entertaining us," Klorman said. "A premie newborn sleeps 15-18 hours a day, so the entertainment was appreciated."

Indeed, from the first day it became clear that Dodger was devoted — a devotion that would only grow deeper.

Jessie Klorman

At 1 year old, Everett is now a healthy, happy toddler. And every step along the way, the faithful dog has stuck by his side.

Evidence of their sweet bond can be seen in their adorable sleeping and wake-up routine. When Everett is put down for a nap, Dodger always insists on being there, too — curling up on the floor near his crib, as if to guard and comfort him as he dozes.

And when Everett finally returns from dreamland, Dodger is there to greet him with a kiss.

Here's video of how that heartwarming routine unfolds:

All is good and well, when Dodger's on duty.

Jessie Klorman

For Klorman and her husband, knowing that their young son already has a best friend in Dodger means the world to them.

"Everett absolutely adores him, his kisses and playing with him," Klorman said. "We’re very happy they’re great together."

And as Everett continues to grow, there's no doubt that the good thing he and his pup share will too.