Dog Tries To Jump On Recliner With Dad — And It Doesn't Quite Go As Planned

“Herbert was not fazed at all — he was just happy to be on top of Daddy."

He might be 5 years old, but Herbert is a huge baby at heart.

“He’s a lover and a cuddler who thinks he’s a 5-pound lapdog,” Marybeth Parker, Herbert’s mom, told The Dodo. 

Despite his big size, Herbert loves to cuddle and is so gentle with his whole family — but sometimes, he forgets how big he actually is. 

dog knocks over chair
Marybeth Parker

Whenever his dad is relaxing in his recliner, Herbert loves to climb onto his lap. Usually, that works out just fine. Recently, though, instead of just gently hopping onto his dad’s lap, Herbert decided hug him by jumping up and putting both paws on him … 

… and the new move did not end up the way Herbert thought it would. 

“With Herbert’s weight, he ended up pushing back the recliner, with my husband in it and Herbert on top of him, onto its back on the floor,” Parker said.

Even though that wasn’t the move he was going for, Herbert actually didn’t really seem to notice that anything had gone wrong. 

dog knocks over chair
Marybeth Parker

“Herbert was not fazed at all — he was just happy to be on top of Daddy,” Parker said.

Herbert’s dad, on the other hand, was definitely caught off guard — but he gladly accepted cuddles and love from Herbert anyway. Herbert may not always remember how big he is, but he’s definitely the sweetest, most loving dog his family has ever met, and that’s enough for them.