Dad Hears Strange Sound At Night — And Finds Something 'Hovering' In His Bathroom

"I was frightened ... All I could see was this strange dark mass."

Anyone who’s ever had a canine as a roommate knows that life shared with a dog is certainly never boring. Often, the most memorable moments aren't of those big adventures together — but in the everyday surprises pups so often provide.

Just ask this dog-loving dad named David and his cherished pal Lacy.

Sarah Colvin

Last week, David was heading to bed at around 11 p.m. when he was alerted to what he thought might be an intruder. Lacy had already retired to sleep, so it wasn't out of the question to think some uninvited guest had snuck inside unnoticed.

David's heart began to race.

"The room was dark and I was frightened because I heard this strange, loud slurping sound coming from where Lacy's dish is," David told The Dodo. "All I could see was this strange dark mass hovering near her water dish and had no idea what it could be."

Lacy's white fur stands out even in an unlit room, so this obviously wasn't her. Was it a raccoon? A skunk? David held his breath and flipped on the light.

David Colvin

The sudden illumination raised a terrifying new possibility. Was it ... a ghost?

"When I flicked on the lights, it looked like Lacy's blanket was just floating in the bathroom," David said.

David Colvin

It wasn't a ghost, of course — it was Lacy after all.

She'd woken up in the night thirsty, and ventured to her bowl. But rather than leave the coziness of her bed entirely, Lacy cleverly brought along her blanket and was wearing it like a robe.

David was quite impressed with his dog's lazy ingenuity: "She took her time drinking her water so I ran and grabbed my phone and quickly snapped a few pics."

When Lacy had her fill, it was time to hit the sack again.

David Colvin

David documented her journey.

David Colvin

Lacy almost managed to make the entire trip shielded from the mildly unpleasant outside air. But then the unthinkable happened.

David Colvin

"The blanket fell off on the way so I tucked her back in," David said. "It was so ridiculous."

Disaster averted.

Sarah Colvin

Sure, it might just be a day in the life of a dog dad, but David clearly thought the incident was worth sharing. His daughter, Sarah, agreed.

"He regularly gives me Lacy updates so he texted me the next morning with a couple of pictures," Sarah told The Dodo. "I thought they were hilarious."

Sarah Colvin

It's hard to fault David for being so smitten with his pup, and impressed by her problem solving skills. He and Lacy are family, through and through. Sarah has come to accept that.

"I always refer to her as his favorite child," she said.

Sarah Colvin