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Dad Is Moved To Tears When He Sees Whose Face Is On This Pillow

Such a sweet gift ❤

For 12 long and happy years, Jasey Jentsch's dad shared an adorable bond with the family's dog, Bruce — a Boston terrier who, as a puppy, was about to be surrendered to a shelter by his former owner.

At first, Jentsch's dad had been wary of adopting a new pet, but that quickly changed.

Jasey Jentsch

"Bruce became my dad's best friend," Jentsch told The Dodo. "Every Saturday morning, they would sit together on the recliner and watch TV."

Indeed, they were an inseparable pair.

Jasey Jentsch

Bruce had always been a fun and playful dog, but time eventually began to take its toll. Two years ago, he lost his sight, but that only seemed to bring him and Jentsch's father closer together.

"He trusted my dad no matter what," Jentsch said.

Jasey Jentsch

Sadly, after a slow decline, Bruce recently passed away peacefully at home — leaving a hole in his family's hearts, but especially so in Dad's.

"It really hurt him," Jentsch said.

In hopes of easing that hurt, Jentsch's mom had an idea. She'd learned about a company that produces custom pillows featuring images of people's pets, and ordered one honoring Bruce.

Here's the moment Jentsch's dad was surprised with that touching gift:

Jentsch's dad broke down — and for a moment, it was almost like he was holding the real Bruce in his arms once again.

"It made my heart very happy," Jentsch said. "Seeing how happy the pillow made my dad really brought tears to our eyes and comfort. My dad is the strong one in the house, so seeing him show his vulnerability really shows you how much Bruce meant to him."

Nothing could ever bring back that beloved pup in the flesh, but the present seemed like the next best thing.

Jasey Jentsch

Bruce may have passed away, but Jentsch's dad's love for him lives on still — and now he has a sweet reminder to keep his old best friend close at hand in spirit. 

"The pillow stays on my parents' bed," Jentsch said. "It never leaves my dad's side."