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Three Months Ago This Dad Said He Didn't Want A Dog In The House

Look at him now 😂

Who on earth doesn’t love dogs? This man — Vinicius Carleto's 65-year-old father.

Or at least so he thought.

Renan Carleto

Carleto lives in Brazil where, last year, he suggested to his parents that they rescue a shelter pup. Neither was thrilled with the idea initially; in fact, his dad was outright opposed. “I don’t want a dog in the house,” Carleto recalls him saying. But that wasn’t a huge surprise.

“My dad is old and grumpy, always frowning,” Carleto joked to The Dodo.

However, Carleto did not give up. He arranged for his mother to meet the dog he had in mind, a sweet pup named Pitoco, and she quickly joined his side. With her now on board, Dad conceded defeat and reluctantly accepted his family’s new pet.

Vinicius Carleto

Pitoco now had a home, though the reception he received from Carleto’s dad remained pretty tepid.

“He accepted Pitoco, but didn’t think much of him,” Carleto said.

But then that all changed.

Vicinius Carleto

Before long, Carleto began noticing his dad falling under the spell of Pitoco’s charms. The family’s new furry member, its patriarch soon discovered, was actually quite adorable.

“Every time my dad came home stressed from work he got distracted by the dog and left the stress behind,” Carleto said. “Then one day I came home and saw my dad with Pitoco in the yard. They were running around and playing. I never imagined it was possible.”

Carleto’s dad was smitten — so much so, in fact, that just three months later, the duo got these shirts with one another's face on them. They are clearly now two peas in a pod.

Vinicius Carleto

Watching the effect Pitoco has had on his father’s spirits has shown Carleto that there’s even more to love about dogs than he imagined before.

Vinicius Carleto

“It seems dogs understand how we are feeling,” Carleto said. “And their companionship allows us to escape the daily stresses of life. That’s a very important thing.”

Just ask Carleto's dad.