Dad Caught Giving Naughty Dog A Hilariously Stern Lecture

“Running away is not cool … everybody’s worried about you.”

This is Chelsea — a sweetly mischievous pup who gets plenty of love and affection at home with her family.

But on occasion, when the moment calls for it, sometimes that love is appropriately "tough."

Kendall France

The other day, Chelsea stepped out for a walk with her owner Kendall France. Evidently, however, the stroll was a bit too brief for the dog's liking. When it came time to head back home, Chelsea went rogue.

"She started throwing a fit," France told The Dodo. "She pulled so hard that she got out of her collar."

For the next 20 minutes, the dog ran loose until her family was finally able to wrangle her. After that worrisome act of rebellion, Chelsea certainly deserved a good talking-to. And, sure enough, she got one.

Once back home, France caught her dad giving Chelsea a hilariously stern lecture — one which the pup seemed to take to heart:

The tough love and idle threat from her disappointed dad got through to Chelsea, as did the cold shoulder he gave her for a while afterward.

"I think she knew she did something wrong," France said.

But, of course, her puppy-dog eyes won out in the end. As always.

Kendall France

"We all love her," France said. "It's hard to be mad at Chelsea for long!"