Dad Builds A Little Lookout Post For Dog Who Loves To Keep Watch

His name is Check and he's a very good boy.

It's the unspoken duty of any self-respecting dog to keep tabs on the neighborhood β€” you know, just to make sure everything is running smoothly. But for this particularly faithful watchdog, named Check, his family didn't fail to notice what a good job he was doing.

And they decided to make it a little easier for him to do it.


Check lives in Hawaii, where he and his family recently moved into a new home. The house features an upper-story patio adjacent to the roof where one can relax and take in the scenic surroundings. Thing is, the wall surrounding the roof is just a bit too tall for Check to see over β€” so, much to his family's dismay, he found a way around it.

"The first day we left our dog alone the neighbors called the fire department because Check had made his way to the roof to get a better view and see where we had gone," Nicolas Sharrock, Check's owner, told The Dodo.

Nicolas's dad had to race home to get the dog to safety, after which he blocked off the access point he'd used to reach the roof. But rather than punish the pup for wanting to keep watch, Nicolas's dad got creative.


"He made a little lookout for our dog so he can see us leave and come home," Nicolas said. "And so he could hang out up there during the day."

It's fair to say that Check loves his new watchtower.


Now, thanks to his dad's considerate handiwork, Check is back to doing what he does best β€” gazing out over his realm to make sure nothing gets by him. And that's something Nicolas says the dog is grateful for:

"He appreciates it."

And we appreciate you, Check.

Nicolas Sharrock