Dad Builds Special Cart So Dog With Arthritis Never Feels Left Behind

"When I saw it, I was so happy because I know how much it means to her."

This sweet pup named Kaylee loves nothing more than being around her family, faithfully following their every step with a happy, wagging tail.

But, at age 13, she's found it increasingly hard to keep up.

Sara Morris

“She has trouble walking due to her arthritis in her back legs, and recently it has gotten a little worse," Sara Morris, Kaylee's owner, told The Dodo. "She can still walk but not for long periods of time."

Watching Kaylee try to cope with her mobility has been heartbreaking for her family; she still insists on being by their side as they move about the house, but it's clearly a painful struggle at times.

Thankfully, the dear dog's dad recently devised a way to ensure Kaylee never feels left behind.

Sara Morris

Morris' father, who simply adores Kaylee, decided to get creative:

"On his day off, he spent it in the garage making her something that would make it easier for her to be with us. She loves being around us and always near my dad," Morris said. "So, he made her a cart with wheels, so we can pull her around with us."

It was just the thing that Kaylee needed.

Sara Morris

Now, as the family walks from room to room, or outdoors for a stroll, Kaylee is able to keep pace without her body aching.

Here's a video Morris shared of her dad and dog eagerly testing out the new device:

"My mom sent me the video of him pulling her around on it for the first time," Morris said. "When I saw it, I was so happy because I know how much it means to her."

Love, and a little ingenuity, is now helping Kaylee battle back against the limits her arthritic body was beginning to impose.

Sara Morris

The special cart, of course, isn't a be-all-end-all. Morris' dad still makes sure Kaylee gets plenty of low-impact exercise outdoors to keep her joints from growing too stiff, and has tried to make it easier for her to walk about their home on her own when she needs to.

"He’s done a lot around the house to make it more accessible for her to get around," Morris said.

Kaylee is one loved pup — and her family has made sure she knows it. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Sara Morris

"She’s a staple to our family and we gladly bend over backwards for her," Morris said. "My dad especially!"