Dog Who Works At Post Office Has The Cutest Job Title

"Jax absolutely loves it. He'll actually lick your stamps."

The Scottish seaside village of Portree, located on the Island of Skye, is home to a number of perfectly charming shops, restaurants and inns — but the most adorable attraction in town just might be the local post office.

Or, rather, someone who happens to work there.

Allyn Lyttle

For the last two years, the quaint facility has been under the management of postmaster Ray Chandler. It wasn't long after taking the reigns of the office that Ray hired on a new employee — his family's dog, Jax.

Each day since then, Jax has headed into work with his dad/boss and taken his place behind the counter. Naturally, the canine worker has become a beloved figure among locals and visitors alike, who are always warmly welcomed by Jax whenever they enter the post office to buy a postcard or mail off a letter. But the dog's actual job description is a bit more involved than merely that of "greeter."

Jax has been named the post office's Official Stamp Licker — and he's got a little sign to prove it.


Sure, not everyone needs a helping tongue to adhere their stamps, but it's reassuring to know that Jax will happily do the job just in case.

And visitors to the post office really seem to appreciate that.

"Jax absolutely loves it," Ray told The Dodo. "He'll actually lick your stamps."

The postmaster is quick to point out, however, that Jax's performance record isn't exactly squeaky clean. He's so eager to lick stamps that, on occasion, he'll accidentally end up gobbling it down. Ray calls that part of the "customer's risk."

We're sure Jax never means to do it, so it's hard to imagine anyone would ever hold that against him.

There is one thing that Jax never fails at — and that's making customers happy.

"He’s great to have around, because he becomes the focal point," Ray said. "In Britain, everyone tends to talk about the weather, but in the office, people want to talk about Jax. Some people come in just to say hello, or to bring him a treat; others want to give him hugs. He has become quite a character."

Of course, Jax's life doesn't revolve entirely around work. Before starting each shift, he has a nice walk through town and sometimes takes a morning swim in the ocean. And, throughout the day, Ray and his wife make sure he gets plenty of exercise outdoors, and the chance to greet folks around the village.

"He’s part of our family," said Ray, whose face no doubt helps Jax practice his trade when the pair are off the clock.