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Corgi Helps Brother Unwind By Taking His Socks Off Every Day

“My son loves this game. It is their ‘thing.’”

Eddie has been best friends with his human brother Jack ever since he was a puppy. The pair love hanging out and playing all kinds of games together — but their absolute favorite game is when Eddie pulls his brother’s socks off his feet. 

corgi socks
Monica Beall

“The first year of his life, Eddie took my son's socks off every time he came home from school,” Monica Beall, Eddie and Jack’s mom, told The Dodo. “He likes to take them off typically when he wants to play tug-of-war with my son. Sometimes he just likes to lay on them and sniff them.” 

The game has become a part of their daily routine, and as soon as Jack is back in the house after a long day, his socks need to be immediately removed by Eddie. No exceptions. 

When Jack was younger, it was pretty easy for Eddie to grab his socks and yank them right off his feet, but as he’s gotten older, they’ve had to make a few adjustments to their game. 

“As Jack's feet have gotten bigger, he has had to help Eddie by moving the socks over his ankles,” Beall said. 

The pair refuse to ever stop playing their favorite game, though, because as weird as it may seem to other people, it means so much to them. 

“My son loves this game,” Beall said. “It is their ‘thing.’”

corgi socks
Monica Beall

Eddie loves playing with his brother’s socks — but only if they’ve just been on his feet. Clean socks are definitely not Eddie’s thing. 

“I recently bought new socks for Jack,” Beall said. “Eddie grabbed one off the coffee table and started to run off with it. He stopped suddenly and dropped the sock and gave me a look like, ‘Ewww … these clean socks are not MY BOY’S socks.’” 

Eddie loves the game because the socks smell like his favorite person in the whole world, and make him feel closer to him. It may not be a typical game, but Eddie and Jack always have so much fun playing it, and will likely be doing it for years to come.