Guy Films Strangers Reacting To The Cute Corgi In His Backpack

"I've never seen so many people smile or laugh on a crowded subway train during rush hour."

A pup in a pack is sometimes all it takes to make the world a happier place — just ask this congenial corgi named Maxine.

The fluffy dog lives in New York with her human parents, Bryan Reisberg and his wife. But while city living often means pets are shorter on space than their suburban counterparts, Maxine's dad has found a way to let her enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells the outdoors has to offer. Instead of keeping her cooped up at home most of the day, he totes her around in his backpack.

"I've been fortunate enough to work in offices that allow dogs," Bryan tells The Dodo. "So I've been carrying Max to work since she was a puppy. And she loves it."

But, as it turns out, Maxine isn't the only one who loves having her be out and about.

Like any proud dog owner, Bryan enjoys documenting little moments of their day-to-day together, walking down the sidewalk or riding on public transportation. However, in so doing, he came to realize that Maxine's smiling face was almost like a ray of sunshine to strangers all around.

"I used to just take videos of her face resting on my shoulder, because I thought it was funny and cute," Bryan says. "And then I noticed the reactions, and how happy she made people. And honestly, that made me happy. So I wanted to share that. I've lived in the city for almost 12 years and I've never seen so many people smile or laugh on a crowded subway train during rush hour."

Bryan compiled some of those sweet reactions to Maxine in this adorable clip.

The joy Maxine inspires, and the interactions she gets, make her happy too: "She loves people," Bryan says.

Fortunately, one needn't wait for a chance encounter with Maxine to be uplifted by her. Naturally, such a popular pup has her very own Instagram page, which folks around the world follow for photos and videos like the one above.

"This all started because I just wanted to bring my dog to work. It's nice to be able to carry the adorable thing that makes people smile, and I'm honored just to witness all the nice interactions that Maxine has with strangers," Bryan says, realizing that now it's more like he is the one tagging along with Maxine. "Who are we kidding. I'm just the guy who carries the dog. Everyone just wants the dog. Fine."

We're glad he understands.

Check out Maxine's Instagram page to keep up with her latest adventures.