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Chubby Pug's Day At The Pool Goes Embarrassingly Wrong

Whoops 😂

This pudgy pug probably thought no one was watching as his lazy poolside lounging went embarrassingly awry.

He was wrong.

The adorable one-eyed pup, named Ludo, lives with Twitter user Stiles Scott’s parents. Life for Ludo is clearly pretty good — he apparently spends his days soaking up the sun out back by the pool. But recently, during a moment of peak relaxation, things went a little sour.

That moment was caught on the family's security camera.

"My dog took a real nice after nap stretch and fell in the pool," Scott wrote in a post. Fortunately, though, Ludo made a graceful recovery.

Now, to be fair to Ludo, accidents like that can happen to anyone (and, since it seems like he's quite a capable swimmer, the unexpected dunk was little more than an inconvenience). But the mishap has nevertheless struck a chord online.

The video Scott posted has since garnered well over 3 million views. Indeed, the roly-poly pug's embarrassing little slip-up has become an internet sensation.

(Just don't tell him that.)