Chubby Husky Throws A Tantrum When He Hears It's Time For A Walk


Meet Kodiak — a husky who just wants to stay inside.

The chubby dog will do anything he can to avoid his daily walks and, as a result, he’s packed on a few extra pounds. But the 82-pound dog doesn’t seem to notice just how big he has gotten.

“Kodiak doesn’t quite realize his size and will fall off of furniture, pummel down the stairs and lets the momentum of his weight carry him clumsily across the home,” Jamie Naab, Kodiak’s mom, told The Dodo.

Chubby husky doesn't want to walk
Jamie Naab

Recently, Kodiak's parents brought him to the vet for a checkup. The vet said that the pup had to lose a little weight to stay healthy. This couldn't have been worse news for Kodiak, who would much rather relax on the bed than go for runs with his energetic sister, Shelby Blu.

“It has been an increasingly harder struggle to motivate Kodiak to walk with us,” Naab said. “While Shelby Blu enthusiastically runs to the door for walk time, Kodiak runs to his bedroom and avoids eye contact.” 

Jamie Naab

One day, the husky decided that he had had enough, and was going to tell his parents exactly how he felt about his new exercise regimen.

“I had just enthusiastically tried to yell, ‘Who wants to go for a walk?’ Hoping that my cheery statement would trick him into thinking we were doing something exciting,” Naab said. "Instead, he ran into his room while Shelby eagerly raced downstairs ready to explore the neighborhood.”

Husky refuses to walk
Jamie Naab

“Kodiak slowly sulked out of his bedroom and started to protest at the top of the stairs,” Naab added. “That’s when I immediately got my phone and started recording because I have never heard him howl like that! [He was being] so dramatic to throw his head back and stomp his feet and cry out, ‘Noooooo!’”

Ultimately, Kodiak did not get his way and was forced to join his family on yet another walk. And while the lazy dog is not happy about it, he has lost 3 pounds.

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