Chubby Dog Lands A Job As A Bus Station Attendant

Chiquita is a model employee ❤️

World, meet Chiquita — by far the cutest employee at this bus station in Brazil.

Adelsionir Mariani

Two years ago, 9-year-old Chiquita was adopted by her new parents, Adelsionir and Mariani. The couple operate a ticket counter in the city of Blumenau. But they do have help.

Rather than leave the little dog at home alone all day while they're at work, they decided to offer her a job with them.

Adelsionir Mariani

Chiquita's main duties?

To keep an eye on customers — and look adorable while doing it.

"She loves to stay at the service desk, [looking] at passengers in line," Adelsionir wrote.

Adelsionir Mariani

Sure, Chiquita might not necessarily be tackling much of the workload during her shifts, but simply having her around makes everything just a little happier for everyone.

Adelsionir Mariani

"Only animals love us regardless of how we look, our social class, our profession, or the place where we live," Adelsionir said. "None of that matters to them. All they want is to feel loved in the same way that they love: unconditionally."