Chubby Dog Gives Up On Exercise In The Middle Of Walk

"I have had people come by and stop to ask if she’s OK because she’s laying there upside down on the side of the road."

What could be easier than a leisurely stroll down a quiet country lane? 

Not doing it. That’s what.

Just ask this sweet, chubby dog named Stella Bean. She’d rather stop and flop.

Twitter/Stella Bean

Tracy Buck adopted Stella as an overweight stray a few years back, and was told from the start that getting her to slim down would be a challenge.

“She was described to me by the shelter as a ‘hot mess,’” Buck told The Dodo. “She has always been very stubborn and demanding.”

Buck soon learned that firsthand when she began to take Stella on walks to get some exercise.

Twitter/Stella Bean

“She would just flop over and refuse to move until she got belly rubs or some sort of attention,” Buck said.

And sure enough, it became a regular thing. In the middle of just about every walk they take now, at some point Stella will simply refuse to keep going — fully embracing laziness in the middle of the road.

Buck began taking video of these daily flops:

Eventually, Stella will ultimately get moving again after her flopping — but as you'll see in this most recent clip, sometimes it takes longer for her to summon the motivation to do so.

Interestingly, Stella's penchant for inactivity over exercise has gained her quite the reputation around town — as well as concern from those less familiar.

Facebook/Tracy Buck

"I have had people come by and stop to ask If she’s OK because she’s laying there upside down on the side of the road," Buck said. "Most people in my neighborhood know her though and just laugh and shake their head when they drive by. They think I’m crazy for putting up with her."

Stella may not always be such a willing participant, but these walks are designed to keep her as healthy and active as she can be.

For Buck, of course, that's what matters most.

You can keep up with Stella Bean's adventures (and frequent flops) by following her on Twitter.