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Smart Dog Figures Out The Perfect Use For His Mom’s Crystal Ball

"I thought it was so odd that he would care about the little decoration at all ..." 🔮

Baja the Chihuahua mix may not be a fortune teller — but he sure acts the part.

Ever since his mom, who goes by SmallRubyTouringHat on Reddit, brought home a crystal ball, the pup has become obsessed with looking deep within the glass sphere.

Baja's family couldn’t figure out what the little pup was seeing in the orb. Could the dog actually have a knack for glimpsing the future? Surely not, they thought.

Dog looks into crystal ball

Well, as it turns out, sort of ...

“Last week I got a crystal ball for decoration and set it out on my copy of 'A Thousand and One Nights' by the window,” SmallRubyTouringHat told The Dodo. “The next evening I noticed that he [Baja] kept getting up to look at it.”

“He seemed fascinated,” she added, “and I thought it was so odd that he would care about the little decoration at all ... It was so funny the way that he looked just gazing into it.”

Fortune teller dog looks at crystal ball

Baja may be small, but he’s an excellent watchdog — ready to sound the alarm whenever a new person gets too close to the house.

However, the pup can’t always tell when someone is approaching since the living room is below street level. “We usually only open the lower part of the blinds so that people can't see in from the street,” SmallRubyTouringHat said. “He can't see out of the window because of this.”

Baja the dog sleeps in the sun

When Baja wouldn’t give up his new post by the crystal ball, his mom decided to investigate.

As she got closer, she realized Baja was, in fact, seeing something in the ball — just not the future.

“I realized he could see up to the sidewalk because of the refraction in the crystal ball,” SmallRubyTouringHat said. “I went over to look at the crystal from his perspective and, sure enough, I could see people walking around.”

Chihuahua looks at people through crystal ball

Not only does the crystal ball add flair to the living room, but it makes Baja happy to be able to protect his family with his newfound power.

With the ball, Baja has finally found some peace of mind.


“He's really chill and snuggly when it's just the family at home,” SmallRubyTouringHat said. “He's a total lapdog and just wants to be around everybody. He's a little wary of strangers, which is why he likes to watch the ball.”

“He gets up every so often to check it and we have a laugh watching him,” she added.