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Dog Who Slept On Concrete Floor For 8 Years Has All The Beds She Wants Now

She couldn't stop wiggling her butt when rescuers arrived.

Before being rescued, Lola’s life could be summed up in one word — miserable.

For eight years, the pit bull was chained inside a dark, dingy garage, where she spent her days lying on a concrete floor. She got no attention, no vet care and she was never let off her chain.

A woman eventually noticed Lola, and she called AMA Animal Rescue, an animal welfare organization operating in the New York area. A team of rescuers arrived, and they managed to talk Lola’s owner into surrendering her.

Rescued pit bull
Charlène von Saher

After everything Lola had been through, no one would blame her if she was hostile or aggressive toward people. But Lola was the exact opposite — she was friendly and sweet, and couldn’t stop wagging her tail when the rescue team found her.

“We called her ‘wiggly butt,’” Michele Walsh, a volunteer with AMA, told The Dodo. “She was wagging her cute little tail, super friendly, giving kisses and so happy to meet her rescuers. She let them take her off this chain, and they walked right out with her.”

Rescued pit bull in car
Charlène von Saher

The first thing the team did was get Lola to Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, where she got a few tumors surgically removed. Then Lola went into foster care for a few months before being adopted by Charlène von Saher, who lives in Manhattan.

Lola has been with von Saher for seven weeks now, but it only took Lola a few days to settle into her new digs — and relax.

Rescued pit bull
Charlène von Saher

“She figured out where her little beds were, and what was soft and what was comfortable for her,” von Saher told The Dodo.

She sleeps on the couch …

Rescued pit bull sleeping on couch
Charlène von Saher

… and the bed …

Rescued pit bull sleeping on bed
Charlène von Saher

… and on top of the outdoor furniture.

Rescued pit bull sleeping on outdoor furniture
Charlène von Saher

Lola will also rearrange things to get extra comfortable, von Saher said.  

“She actually took a throw pillow off of my bed, and put it into her dog bed,” von Saher said. “When I came home, her head was on it — she literally made herself a little bed in her bed with my pillow. It was like ‘The Princess and the Pea’ — I guess she liked having multiple cushions underneath her.”

Rescue pit bull sleeping in dog bed
Charlène von Saher

von Saher has even caught Lola sleeping across two dog beds …

Rescued pit bull sleeping on two dog beds
Charlène von Saher

… or stacking one dog bed on top of another.

Rescued pit bull sleeping on dog beds
Charlène von Saher

“I was out for a minute, and when I came back, Lola had moved the smaller bed on top of the other bed and put herself on top of it,” von Saher said. “It was hysterical. I couldn’t believe it when I came in.”

Lola also loves the sun, which is something she probably experienced when she was chained up in the dark garage.

Rescued pit bull
Charlène von Saher

One thing’s for sure — Lola has taught von Saher the importance of relaxing. And von Saher has loved seeing Lola become a spoiled, happy dog.

Rescued pit bull
Charlène von Saher

“I think she looks better and better each day,” von Saher said. “They always say, ‘When you adopt a dog, you’re really saving two.’ That’s because you’re taking one, and you’re opening up a space for another dog to come into the shelter or the rescue group.”

“I absolutely adore her,” von Saher added. “She’s added so much to my life already.”

To see more photos of Lola living the good life, follow her Instagram account. You can also help AMA rescue more dogs like Lola by making a donation.
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