Room Full Of Cats Reacts To Earthquake Moments Before It Happens

They seemed to know it was coming 😱

When a powerful earthquake struck in the Osaka region of Japan last month, it caused widespread damage and panic. But the area’s human residents weren’t the only ones affected.

Turns out, so was a group of adoptable kitties at this nearby cat cafe. In fact, they seemed to sense something was amiss even before it began.

Newly released footage from CATcafeCATchy, in the Wakayama prefecture, reveals the seconds leading up to the June 18 earthquake. The clip shows a room full of felines, who are seen lounging around as you might expect when, without warning, several of the cats appear to be startled.

Moments later, the ground begins to shake.

Thankfully, as Sora News 24 reports, none of the cats were injured during the frightening event. Several were actually uninterested enough in the shaking that they didn't bother to move from their cozy perches.

Some cats, it seems, are cooler in moments of crisis than others.

Though it's unclear if what the cats sensed before the real shaking began was perceptible to humans as well, the notion that animals can predict such occurrences actually dates back centuries. And in one recent case, that apparent forewarning may have saved a life — six months ago, one woman's rescue dog pulled her out of her home moments before a large earthquake struck Taiwan. When she returned inside she saw the room where she would have been was extensively damaged.

That is, of course, just one more good reason to adopt a pet — and, with any luck, the added exposure these adoptable kitties at CATcafeCATchy are getting will boost their chances of finding forever homes of their own.

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