Woman Finds Creative Way To Play Tic-Tac-Toe With Her Cats

The best way to pass the time 😹

When Brittni Young saw a video of someone playing tic-tac-toe with their cat using treats, she immediately knew she had to try it. It can be easy to get bored spending so much time inside, and what better way to pass the time than by playing games with your cats?

After drawing up the board and placing the treats in the squares, Young decided to try the game with her cat Archie first. Archie is only 6 months old and very active and inquisitive, so she hoped he would have a blast eating the treats and playing with her.

“He’s very affectionate and very much still a kitten,” Young told The Dodo. 

Young presented Archie with the tic-tac-toe board … 

Brittni Young

… and he was so eager for the treats and something to do, his mom had to struggle to keep up with where he wanted to place his X’s! 

In the end, Young won the game. She decided to try playing with her cat Jax next, who was a little more hesitant than Archie was. Eventually, she got the hang of it … 

Brittni Young

… and although it was a close game, Young still managed to win in the end — but made sure Jax got all the extra treats as a consolation prize.

Of course, Archie desperately wanted to play again too, and kept trying to steal Jax’s turn for himself.

Now that the cats know how to play, they’ll all probably be playing a lot in the weeks to come, and Young even figured out how to get some of the other family members involved, too.

“I also played with my 11-month-old — she used yogurt snacks, not cat treats,” Young said.