Cats Cuddle With Mom To Help Her Feel Better After Surgery

They could tell she needed a little extra love ❤️️

Deb Clay has worked for vet practices and rescues over the past several years, and has always had a soft spot for animals in need. She and her husband currently have five rescue cats who had all just shown up at their door one day, looking for a home. While the couple tried to rehome a few of them initially, they knew in their hearts each one had already found their forever home. 

“I'm sure there is an invisible sign above wherever we live, ‘Lost, starving, hurt come here,’” Clay told The Dodo. 

Mojo, Faith, Ossie, Holley and Timmy all love their parents so much, and try to remind them every chance they get. 

cat cuddles mom after surgery
Deb Clay

A few weeks ago, Clay had to have knee replacement surgery, and has been at home resting and recovering ever since. She can’t move around a lot, so she’s been spending a lot of time cuddled up in bed — and all five cats immediately noticed that something was off with Mom. 

Normally, the cats won’t all cuddle with their mom at the same time … 

cats cuddle mom after surgery
Deb Clay

… but when they realized she was sick, they knew she needed some extra love and figured out exactly what to do. 

One by one, each cat cuddled up with Mom until all five of them were surrounding her, trying to make her feel better the only way they knew how. 

cats cuddle mom after surgery
Deb Clay

“I was resting with all of them with me. I had been very tired and it was unusual for all of them to be with me as there is a little cat politics between a couple,” Clay said. “But I felt super chilled with them around me.”

Recovering from surgery can be a rough process, and Clay is so grateful that she has five little protectors always nearby who make sure she feels happy and loved every step of the way.