Cat Won't Let Anyone Sit In Her New Favorite Chair


Meet Yoshitsune — a 5-year-old cat who’s not afraid to stake her claim.

Yoshitsune loves any new item her parents bring home and, naturally, believes they're gifts for her. “[She] likes new things, and is nervous and impatient,” Yoshi’s mom Reina, who asked that her last name be omitted, told The Dodo. “However, she understands the words that people speak.”

Cat loves her new chair

Yoshitsune’s latest crush is on a gray and white desk chair her mom recently bought for the apartment. The playful cat especially likes sticking her arm through the narrow space between the seat and the back and leaning against the cushion.

Unfortunately for Yoshitsune, she has to share the chair with her dad — and she’s not happy about it.

Yoshitsune has been monopolizing the chair since its arrival, and whenever her dad tries to sit down, she makes her displeasure known.

Cat stops dad from sitting in chair

The little cat tries everything imaginable to get in the way of her dad sitting in her special seat

She's tried pushing him with her paw …

Cat pushes owner out of chair

… and wedging her body between his back and the chair to make sitting as uncomfortable as possible.


And, if all else fails, she can be quite dramatic, making her most upset face to try to gain her mom's sympathy.


Earlier this month, Reina snapped a few photos of Yoshi defending her territory, and posted them to Twitter with the caption: “The new piece is my place. Somehow my dad is always sitting in the way.”


Yoshitsune's protests always work and her dad lets her sit in the chair without having to share.

Her parents know as soon as they buy their next piece of furniture, they will finally be able to use their "new" desk chair again.

To learn more about Yoshitsune, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.