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Sick Cat Who Was Too Depressed To Move Looks Completely Different Now

“She understood she was being helped, [so] she started to trust us."

In February 2017, a woman was walking to work in Phuket, Thailand, when she heard a tortured meow. She stopped and looked around, searching for the source of the meow. Eventually, she found it — a cat was lying in the shallow water of a flooded rice field.

The cat was in horrible shape. She had some kind of skin condition, and her body was covered in painful sores. She was also extremely lethargic.

Cat with bad skin condition
Soi Dog Foundation

Luckily for the cat, the woman worked for Soi Dog Foundation, a group that rescues dogs and cats in Phuket. So the woman scooped up the cat and took her to the organization’s clinic, where the vet team started helping her.

“She was very depressed and appeared to have given up,” Maeve Henry, a spokesperson for Soi Dog Foundation, told The Dodo. “At first our vets struggled to get her to eat, and she was very dehydrated.”

Woman touching sick cat at vet clinic
Soi Dog Foundation

But the vet team didn’t give up on the cat, whom they named Rose.

Vet helping sick cat
Soi Dog Foundation

“She was given medication for her skin problems, along with antibiotics,” Henry said. “Her ears were cleaned as they were very dirty, and she had little scabs from where she'd been scratching, so these were cleaned with antiseptic medication. Very quickly after she was started on medical treatment, she got her appetite back.”

Cat with skin condition at vet clinic
Soi Dog Foundation

Rose started perking up, and she blossomed into a sweet, loving cat.

Woman holding cat recovering from skin condition
Soi Dog Foundation

“As she understood she was being helped, she started to trust us,” Henry said. “This helped her to relax at our shelter.”

Cat getting pet on his tummy
Soi Dog Foundation

Two months later, Rose had made a full recovery — and she looked like a completely different cat. And in May 2017, Rose found a forever home with an ex-pat living in Thailand.

Cat lounging on cat bed
Soi Dog Foundation

Rose’s new owner, René Carnieletto, renamed her Mukki.

Man holding cat on his lap
Mukki with her adopter, René Carnieletto | René Carnieletto

“She is a sweetheart,” Carnieletto told The Dodo. “At night, she always sleeps close to my legs. If I go out, she complains very loudly when I come back, and she likes to be caressed for a while as compensation.”

Cat relaxing on couch
Mukki relaxing at her forever home | René Carnieletto

Henry, along with the rest of the team at Soi Dog Foundation, is delighted that Mukki found a home with someone who adores her.

Man holding cat in his arms
Carnieletto holding Mukki in his arms | René Carnieletto

“We were always hopeful for Rose,” Henry said. “We see thousands of animals like her every year, and with the right treatment and lots of TLC, they can and do make an extraordinary recovery.”

The shelter at Soi Dog Foundation is currently at capacity with 100 cats in their care, so they’re hoping to find forever homes for their residents as soon as possible. While Mukki found a home in Thailand, the Soi Dog Foundation can move cats to other parts of the world, including the U.S. and Canada. If you’re interested in adopting a cat from Soi Dog Foundation, email nayomi@soidog.org.