Cat As Round As A Beachball Isn't Actually Chonky At All

She's one-of-a-kind 😻

Three years ago, Marie was working at her family’s veterinary clinic when a breeder walked in with a gray kitten named Pitoe. She could immediately tell something was different about the little animal.

The kitten had a very round, short body and appeared to be having trouble moving around.

Round cat looks chonky

Scans revealed that the kitten was born with severe scoliosis — something the breeder did not want to hear.

“The owner was going to have her put down because of the severity [of her condition] and the thought that he’d never be able to sell this cat,” Marie, who asked that her last name not be included, told The Dodo. “But my mom realized this kitty might actually still live a good life, though she probably wouldn’t be very mobile.”

Round cat with severe scoliosis

Marie’s grandparents had wanted a cat for years but feared their apartment wouldn’t be the right place for an active animal. Pitoe's owner happily surrendered her to the veterinary clinic, and Marie’s grandparents finally got the cat of their dreams.

“My grandparents love her to bits and spoil her rotten,” Marie said. “We all check up on her so she stays healthy and pain-free.”

Due to Pitoe’s crooked spine, her body has remained short in length while growing in width.

She also has one hind leg that’s not fully functional — giving her a distinctive waddle.

While Pitoe isn’t great at jumping, she’s an expert climber and a bit of an attention hog.

“She loves all the attention and looking out of the window,” Marie said. “She loves naps and food like any other cat, and throwing her water bowl around."


Pitoe is on a healthy diet to make sure her weight stays under control, and though she isn't as mobile as other cats, her parents still try to keep her active.

Though Pitoe is different, her parents love her exactly as she is. "She’s just the sweetest kitty," Marie said. "She’s very chill with my grandparents, which is perfect, but can be very playful, too."

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