Cat Is Obsessed With Wearing Her Tiny Scarf Everywhere She Goes

"If it falls off, she waits for us to put it back on" ❤️️

At 17 years old, Cinnamon knows a good thing when she sees it.

So when the cat spotted her human sister, Ella Parsons, knitting a soft white scarf, she got excited. She never dreamt the scarf would one day be hers, but thanks to a yarn shortage, plans changed.

“During quarantine, my sister was bored so she decided to knit a scarf with this really pretty cashmere yarn that she had,” Callie Parsons, Ella's sister, told The Dodo. “However, she sort of ran out of yarn and the scarf was really small.”

Cat loves to snuggle her tiny scarf
Callie Parsons

Parsons and her sister decided to give the tiny white scarf to Cinnamon, and see what the cat would make of it. They didn’t know what to expect since Cinnamon had never shown any particular interest in wearing clothes.

But from the moment Cinnamon touched the scarf she fell in love.

Cat loves to wear her little scarf
Callie Parsons

“Cinnamon instantly fell in love with it and now wears it around all the time,” Parsons said. “She just likes to sleep and snuggle with it and wear it around the house.”

Cinnamon feels so cozy in her scarf that she refuses to take it off — whether she's playing outside, eating or napping. “I think Cinnamon loves her scarf because she has never gotten a gift like that before,” Parsons said. “We always get her little catnip treats and play toys, but never something like a blanket.”

Cinnamon the cat wears her cashmere scarf
Callie Parsons

And the handmade present couldn't have come at a better time for Cinnamon.

“Since she is older she likes to sleep a lot so it is definitely something nice for her to snuggle with,” Parsons said. “Cinnamon also sat with Ella while she made it so she knows it was made with love.”


Parsons posted a video of Cinnamon and her precious scarf on TikTok, and within a week, the video gained over 600,000 likes. Cinnamon now has a devoted group of fans, but none are as devoted as Cinnamon is to her little scarf.

“She loves her scarf and gets mad if we try to take it off,” Parsons wrote on TikTok. "If it falls off, she waits for us to put it back on."