Woman Sees Her Cat Walk In With A Note Attached To His Collar

"He pranced inside with it, like he knew that he had a delivery to make."

There's no doubt that this sweet cat, named Rex Manning (or just Rex for short), simply thinks the world of his owner, Emily Crane — but he evidently still has plenty of love left to go around.

Crane recently learned that adorable truth in the most unexpected way.

Emily Crane

Not long after rescuing Rex as a kitten eight years ago, Crane came to learn that his feline charms were truly uncontainable. While some cats can be skittish around new people, Rex was the polar opposite — seeking out affection from anyone with a working petting hand.

"He loves attention, especially when it comes with nice, behind the ear scratches," Crane told The Dodo.

Crane and her friends have always tried their best to keep Rex sufficiently doted upon — but the cat came to suspect that the world outside could offer him even more.

Emily Crane

"At a rather young age, he starting begging to go outside," Crane said. "I would let him out the back door and watch from my upstairs kitchen window."

Slowly but surely, Crane began to give Rex more and more freedom to explore the neighborhood — liberty he'd take full advantage of. In his wanderings, Rex would make acquaintances with most everyone he'd meet, sometimes even preceding Crane with neighborly introductions.

"I think a lot of people around here are excited to see a friendly kitty," Crane said.

The other day, however, Crane learned that Rex was doing more than merely paying visits to folks passing by outside.

Emily Crane

Seeing Rex return home from one of his adventures, Crane noticed something affixed to his collar: a note.

"He pranced inside with it, like he knew that he had a delivery to make," Crane said.

Indeed, the cat hardly had the look of an unwitting courier — even though the note revealed quite a secret. Rex, as it turns out, had been two-timing Crane and their home's perfect fine bathroom fixtures:

Emily Crane

“Hello!” the note begins. “This is your neighbor in the red house! We just wanted to let you know that Rex has developed a weird love for our bathtub + will sneak into our home to sit in it! All of us in the house are 100% okay with this because we all love Rex very much. We just want to let you know in case you were wondering where he was one of these days … he’s probably in our bathtub. <3 The Red House."

Crane, to her credit, hardly felt jilted (though her tub wasn't available for comment):

"I seriously could not stop laughing when I found the note," she said. "It was adorable."

Emily Crane

Crane has yet to meet the neighbors who sent the note, but she attached a return letter to Rex's collar thanking them for their hospitality. Rex deserves nothing less.

"He is definitely a character!" Crane told The Dodo.

Emily Crane

Crane and Rex live in a close-knit community, and the sweet kitty is obviously pretty savvy, so she's comfortable letting him explore and be himself — a fact that's clearly appreciated by folks in the neighborhood:

"I love how friendly Rex is with people," Crane said. "If they are interested, I can tell it makes their day to give a pet to a handsome, social kitty cat."