Serial Cat Thief Finally Takes Things Too Far

"If someone is missing this purse, can you please contact me?"

Don't let Lilli's sweet whiskered cheeks and adorably boopable nose fool you.

This cat is pretty much a hardened criminal. 

Simone Kirchner

Lilli lives in Weilheim in Oberbayern, Germany, with Simone Kirchner and her family. Before being adopted, she'd lived with her former owner in a small apartment in a big city, but her owner felt bad about the shortage of space and made the decision to rehome her. Kirchner, who resides in a quiet neighborhood with a yard, volunteered to take Lilli in.

The grateful kitty has been working to thank her ever since.

"Almost every day, she brings us a little present," Kirchner told The Dodo, "things like branches, apples, stones and moss."

But recently, Lilli decided to kick things up a notch.

Simone Kirchner

Apparently having grown bored of gleaning gifts from her backyard, Lilli started venturing farther out to mix things up.

One day, she came home carrying some yarn.

Simone Kirchner

Kirchner was a little taken aback by Lilli's colorful present, but figured she must have found it lying on the ground somewhere. No one would be missing a random bunch of wool, right?

But then Lilli came home with an object that had undoubtedly been stolen.

Simone Kirchner

This time, Lilli had found a ball of yarn, some knitting needles and a sock that someone had been very close to completing. Carrying it indoors, it had already begun to unravel. The klepto kitty had claimed a victim.

"She thieved the sock from our neighbor," Kirchner said. "I felt a bit ashamed, but the neighbor just laughed, so I laughed also."

Lilli, meanwhile, seemed unrepentant

Simone Kirchner

Had Lilli's crime spree ended there, it would have been much easier for everyone. But rather than quit her thieving ways after getting caught, the cat went all in.

The next item Lilli stole? A purse. She stole a purse.

"Lilli came through the cat flap with the handle in her mouth," Kirchner said. "I was very surprised."

The cat deposited the purse so Kirchner could grab it, doing so with her typical air of nonchalance.

Simone Kirchner

Kirchner has no idea whom the bag belongs to, or where it came from. There was nothing inside indicating who might be its rightful owner, so she posted about it on Facebook.

"The thief has struck again!" Kirchner wrote. "If someone is missing this purse, can you please contact me?"

Simone Kirchner

It's been about two weeks, but so far no one has come forward to claim the purse. Fortunately, in that time, Lilli has evidently decided to lay low for a while to let the heat die down.

She's returned to gifting her owner more mundane items from the yard — for now.

Simone Kirchner

Turning to a life of crime probably isn't the best idea for a cat, but Kirchner admits that she is flattered Lilli cares enough to try to please her with presents.

"She is so clever and sensitive," Kirchner said. "It's only for other people that she's a thief."