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Cat Stuck On Pole Waited For Days For Someone To Save Him

He was in a tight spot — but he was VERY picky about who could help him 😸

True to his name, Gypsy the cat comes and goes, disappearing from home for weeks at a time. The cat, who values his freedom, relies on the kindness of his neighbors in Phoenix, Arizona, who leave out food and water for him.

So nobody suspected that something might be amiss when the black and white feline disappeared over the weekend.

On Friday, the adventurous cat got himself into a sticky situation when he climbed an electricity pole — and it turned out to be a much higher perch than he anticipated.

Unable to figure out how to climb back down, the little cat clung to the pole for three days, waiting for help.

It wasn’t until Monday morning that concerned neighbors reported the cat, and a local ABC News affiliate arrived on the scene to cover the developing rescue effort, streaming it live on Facebook.

For an hour and a half, thousands of people from across the country tuned in to watch Gypsy as he lay on top of the pole, sat on the pole, licked himself, attempted to climb down, changed his mind and licked himself some more.

Animal lovers, worried for the cat’s safety, began calling 911, even notifying the mayor. The Phoenix fire department received so many calls that they released a statement to the local news asking people to stop calling as it was clogging their dispatcher’s activities.

We love animals,” Phoenix Fire Captain Rob McDade told AZ Central, “but while [callers] feel that they might be very justified in their emotional response, we have human lives we have to save at the same time.”

When help did not promptly arrive, an onlooker attempted to take matters into his own hands, climbing a ladder and raising a bucket attached to a pole. He coaxed Gypsy to jump in, but the cat remained unconvinced, choosing to wait for a more personal helping hand.

And then, the live feed cut out.

Luckily, a local Fox News affiliate had also been covering the story, under the title “Cat Watch,” and managed to capture Gypsy’s heroic rescue on camera. A utility worker with a very, very tall ladder scaled the live power pole, and it seemed that finally Gypsy would be safely on the ground once again.

Then the man stretched out his arm, barely brushing the cat’s fur. All gasped as the ladder came up short.

But the anonymous savior pushed on, stepping on the last rung of the rickety ladder, and deftly snatching the cat off the pole. He tucked Gypsy securely under his arm, and descended the ladder with care.

Gypsy was clearly exhausted but relieved — as were the hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Gypsy’s owners, Jenny Hardin and Ash Morgan, were grateful that help had come in time. “I know him well enough that he could have jumped, and knowing him he probably would have,” Hardin told AZ Family, “but thank goodness he didn't 'cause that is kind of high for a cat.”

In just 24 hours, Gypsy’s live stream amassed over 800,000 views, and made headlines across the country. Though the story has a happy ending, whether or not Gypsy’s adventurous spirit has been tamed after his ordeal is anyone’s guess.