Cat Trusts Her Dog Friend So Much That She Falls Asleep In His Mouth

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For a German shepherd named Butta and a kitten named Bella, playtime never stops. The two siblings love to wrestle and tease each other as much as their mom will allow.

“They're just joyful, energetic and playful,” Gabrielle, Butta and Bella's mom who asked that her last name not be included, told The Dodo. “They play all the time.” 

Gabrielle adopted Bella four months ago and immediately knew the fierce little kitten would have no problem holding her own with Butta.

“The adoption center said they found her in an abandoned building and she had been in some fights before, which is why her ears are a little wonky,” Gabrielle wrote on Instagram. “She’s truly a fighter.”

The energetic pair often play fight, but at the end of the day, the best friends trust each other completely. The two have a rare relationship — something Gabrielle realized when she caught them sleeping in a very unusual position.

Cat falls asleep in dog's mouth

“We were on a road trip to Louisiana and they were playing as usual and just happened to fall asleep,” Gabrielle said. “I was surprised because it was weird that they were like that.”

Bella slept with her head gently resting in Butta’s mouth for several minutes, while Gabrielle watched them, shocked by the strange “snuggle.”

They haven't repeated the sleeping position since, but with trust like that, it's clear the two will be friends for life. And their mom couldn't be happier.

"[Bella's favorite] place to sleep is in Butta’s mouth," Gabrielle wrote on Instagram. "JK it’s our bed.”

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