Pet Cat Kindly Replaces Woman's Ex Boyfriend In Family Photos

What an improvement 😂

People in our lives often come and go, and are sometimes best forgotten — but the love of a trusty cat is always worth remembering.

Just ask Chloe Forsberg and her faithful feline companion, Woof.

Chloe Forsberg

Forsberg first met Woof when she was 10 years old. He was just a kitten when she, along with her sisters and parents, adopted him — and they hit it off immediately.

"He was the most affectionate cat I’ve ever known and would always demand our attention," Forsberg told The Dodo. "Even our friends who don’t like cats loved him."

Chloe Forsberg

In the years that followed, Woof was always close at hand to offer a cuddle as Forsberg grew up, and she reached her 20s with him by her side. Even after she moved out to live with her boyfriend, that sweet tabby cat still held a very special place in her heart.

Woof was irreplaceable — but, as it turns out, the same wasn't true for that other guy in Forsberg's life.

Chloe Forsberg

Forsberg and her boyfriend had been together for about four years when they ultimately decided to split up. Unfortunately, by then her now-ex had become a regular fixture in many of her family photos — like those taken a few months earlier at her cousin's nuptials.

Honestly, that was kind of a bummer.

"One of my main concerns at the time was: 'Oh no, he’s in the wedding photos!'” Forsberg said.

Thankfully, her sister Emily had the perfect fix.

Chloe Forsberg

As a surprise for her sibling, Emily edited out Forsberg's boyfriend from the wedding photos, replacing him with someone much sweeter — Woof.

It was perfect.

Chloe Forsberg

"Emily is a very creative person and my family tend to deal with bad situations by using humor," Forsberg said. "So even though I was quite upset at the time, it made me laugh a lot!"

Indeed, Woof was a huge improvement over what's-his-name ...

Chloe Forsberg

... but as Forsberg was quick to add:

"No hard feelings toward my ex though!"

Chloe Forsberg

It wouldn't be Woof's last appearance as a boyfriend replacement, however. Emily later worked him into a family photo from another wedding.

"This time she replaced our other sister's boyfriend, Chris, just in case they ever break up," Forsberg said. "They just got engaged, so we're hoping it won’t be needed!"

Chloe Forsberg

While there's certainly something hilarious about having their beloved cat appearing in the photos, it's taken on new meaning since then.

Last year, at the ripe old age of 16, dear Woof passed away.

Chloe Forsberg

"It’s been quite a nice way for him to be remembered," Forsberg said. "Woof loved me and our family unconditionally and was always around and giving affection. I’m always looking though photos of him and remembering funny stories even a year on."

Then she added:

"I certainly wasn’t feeling that way about my ex a year after!"