This Giant Shelter Cat Named 'Lebowski' Really Ties The Room Together

He's 30 pounds of chill.

Prepare to be bowled over by this adorably chubby shelter cat named Lebowski — a pet whose chilled-out personality is the perfect fit for any fan of taking 'er easy.

He also answers to The Dude, Duder, His Dudeness or El Duderino (if you're not into that whole brevity thing).

DuPage County Animal Services

Lebowski was surrendered to DuPage County Animal Services in Illinois last month, tipping the scales at a hefty 30 pounds.

The cat was formerly called Oliver, but as the shelter staff got to know him, that moniker just didn't seem to fit. So, they renamed him after filmdom's most unflappable protagonist, from "The Big Lebowski," whom he resembles in more ways than one.

"[He's] large, laid-backed, and not one to make a fuss about, well, anything," Andrea Salis, shelter spokesperson, told The Dodo.

And that's not just, like, her opinion, man.

DuPage County Animal Services

As you might expect, Lebowski wasn't too picky about the sort of place he ended up — as long as it was with a loving family.

"He has lived with cats and children before. Based on his laid-back demeanor, we feel like he would do well in a home with dogs as well," Salis said at the time.

DuPage County Animal Services

"With his buff and white fur he's sure to tie any room together. He's waiting for you to adopt him," Salis said.

But fortunately, everything worked out for The Dude in the end.

After a brief stay at the shelter, he found a new family.

The Dude really does abide.