Lovesick Cat Won't Stop Staring At Photo Of Her Favorite Person

"I know for sure she misses him."

Up until a year ago, this sweet-natured black cat named Yuuki was just another lonely shelter cat hoping to find a forever home.

But then she fell in love.

Erin Nimrichter

Erin Nimrichter's 19-year-old son, Max, is currently in his first year of service in the U.S. Navy. About six months before leaving their home in Ohio to go to boot camp, Max adopted Yuuki from the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

He thought having a kitty around would make his absence more tolerable for his mother. But Yuuki quickly decided that Max was the one she loved the most. And the feeling was mutual.

Erin Nimrichter

"Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around," Nimrichter told The Dodo. "He’s a sweetheart."

But Max and Yuuki's routine of daily snuggles eventually came to an end when it came time for him to ship out.

Erin Nimrichter

Max was now serving his country out of state, so it was understandable that he couldn't return home to visit very often.

Yuuki didn't get the memo.

Erin Nimrichter

In time, Yuuki seemed to accept that Max wasn't going to come strolling through the door at any moment. But she never stopped loving him. Instead, she found another way to keep his memory alive in her heart.

Amazingly, the cat has made a regular habit of visiting a framed photo of Max. Yuuki does it all the time, and it seems to bring her comfort.

"She just sits there, stares and meows and then lays down next to the picture to nap," Nimrichter said. "I know for sure she misses him."

Here's video of Yuuki in action:

Nimrichter has even tested Yuuki to confirm that it's Max's photograph, not the surface it's located on, that's attracting her. But if the photo is moved, she'll find it.

It really is Max she's pining for.

Erin Nimrichter

Fortunately, the lovesick cat will soon be seeing her favorite human in real life. Max's family is scheduled to visit him in just a couple of weeks, and they're bringing the cat along. Truth be told, Max has been missing Yuuki, too.

"My son worries that she won’t remember him," Nimrichter said. "It gives me comfort knowing she does, and it’s nice to have proof to show him."