Cat Learns To Brush His Teeth Every Morning Just Like His Mom

“He's extremely brilliant at observing what I do" 😁

Some might call Achilles a copycat — but the 2-year-old tabby knows there’s no better teacher than his mom, Stephanie Isidro.
Achilles never lets his favorite person out of his sight and has picked up quite a few human quirks along the way. “He's extremely brilliant at observing what I do and picking up on my daily habits and routines,” Isidro told The Dodo.

Achilles the cat who brushes his own teeth

Among his most unusual habits is Achilles’ love for brushing his teeth. Since he was a kitten, Achilles would wake up at 5 a.m. every day and follow his mom into the bathroom while she brushed her teeth. “He sits there just watching me,” Isidro said.

Cat watches his mom brush her teeth
Stephanie Isidro

Soon, he got more involved with his mom’s morning routine when Isidro bought extra toothbrushes for her visiting sisters. She placed the toothbrushes in the holder by the sink, and Achilles knew exactly what to do. It was like he had been waiting for that moment his entire life.
“I was doing my usual morning brushing and I noticed Achilles suddenly mimicking me with my sister's toothbrush,” Isidro said. “At first, I thought ‘Gross!’ But then as he started doing this often, [I realized] it was genius.”

While most animals hate having their teeth brushed, Achilles can’t wait to share this little morning ritual with his mom. “I even started leaving an extra toothbrush out just for him,” Isidro said.
“I've had so many pets in my life and I've never seen anything like it,” Isidro said. “If I allow him in the bathroom at night, he even brushes before bed. He's on top of his oral hygiene.”

Stephanie Isidro

Achilles basically thinks he’s human, and his copycat attitude doesn’t stop with the toothbrush.

“He acts like a mini me,” Isidro said. “He will go to bed if I go to bed and nap when I nap. He even sleeps very similar to me — his tummy up and tucks himself under the covers.”

And for Isidro, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.