Woman Is Shocked To Discover Her Cat's Been Leading A Double Life

"I told him, 'I know your secret.'"

This is Pixi — a sweet gray cat who resides in Mexico. He lives there with his adoring owner, Mary Lore Barra.

Well, that's partially true, at least.

Mary Lore Barra

Pixi was just a small baby when he showed up at Barra's house one day two years ago. Being an animal lover, she decided to take him in — raising the feeble kitten into the friendly cat he is today. And as Pixi grew, so too did his love of adventure.

These days, Pixi likes to come and go, refueling on food and affection at home in between explorations around town.

But as Barra recently discovered, he's been doing more than just exploring.

Mary Lore Barra

The other day, Barra watched Pixi return from one such adventure and noticed something different — he was a wearing a collar she'd never seen before. But that wasn't all.

"He was looking more plump," Barra told The Dodo. "Then it occurred to me."

Was her dear kitty two-timing her? Barra had to find out. She grabbed a pen and a piece of paper.

"My name is Pixi the cat," she wrote. "I think he has two houses haha."

Barra then put the note under Pixi's collar.

Mary Lore Barra

Not long after, Pixi slipped away again as he usually does — unaware that this time, because of the note, his elaborate ruse was about to unravel.

When he returned home to Barra, she found him with a note written by someone else.

Mary Lore Barra

"Here he is called Huarache," the note said. "It appears that he does have two houses haha. Greetings!"

Mary Lore Barra

Pixi had been busted. And so, too, had Huarache, for that matter.

The cat had been leading a double life — presumably with double the affection and rations of food.

"I told him, 'I know your secret,'" Barra said.

Mary Lore Barra

Despite being essentially cheated on by her cat, Barra was hardly upset. She wrote another note introducing herself to his other family, and letting them know Pixi was up-to-date on his vet visits, in case they'd planned on taking him in.

Barra is more than happy to share her cat's time and warm spirit.

"Pixi is very lucky. Some cats don't even have a home [let alone two]," she said. "I know they're good people, because they take care of him."