Family Brings Snow Inside So Obsessed Indoor Cat Can Play In It

Every winter, he gets a big pile of snow in the house 😂❄️

When Dibs was just 6 months old and living as a stray on the streets, he met his future dad, Nate Troy, in a parking lot. The kitten decided he wanted to go home with Troy and just hopped into his car. Even though Troy was technically allergic to cats, he knew he couldn’t say no to the friendly kitten. 

“Nate has a severe dander allergy but knew that Dibs had chosen him to be his human,” Sara Stromseth-Troy, Dibs’ mom, told The Dodo. 

snow cat
Facebook/Dibs the #SnowKitty

They decided to call him Dibs because he “called dibs” on them when he chose them to be his humans, and the adorable name stuck. 

To help Dibs adjust to life inside and to manage his dad’s allergies, his family let him be an indoor/outdoor cat when they first adopted him — and that’s how they discovered Dibs’ intense love for snow. 

snow cat
Facebook/Dibs the #SnowKitty

“That first winter, Dibs played outside in the snow for hours, frolicking, leaping and having the time of his life,” Stromseth-Troy said. “I have never seen anything like it.” 

Eventually, it became safer to keep Dibs inside all the time, but his parents still really wanted to find a way for him to enjoy his beloved snow, so they came up with the best idea: They decided to bring the snow inside to Dibs. 

After a heavy snowfall, Troy scooped up a shovelful of snow and headed inside with it … 

… and as soon as Dibs saw it, he completely freaked out with joy. 

snow cat
Facebook/Dibs the #SnowKitty

Dibs meowed with glee until his dad dumped the snow onto the floor of their enclosed front porch, where he immediately started rolling around in it, so excited to play in it again. 

Now, every time it snows, Dibs’ parents make sure to bring some inside for him, and he gets excited all over again. 

“He is always excited when he sees the shovelful of snow and we call out, 'Dibs!! Snow,’” Stromseth-Troy said. “He meows back to us in response and runs out to the porch each time.”

Dibs loves his family so much and love they him right back, and are always happy to do whatever they can to bring him joy — even if it means bringing snow inside.

You can follow Dibs and all of his snow adventures on his Facebook page