Cat Decides To Crash His Owner's Live TV Interview

This clearly isn't the first time the guy's been made into a cat perch 😂

Dr. Jerzy Targalski is a renowned Polish historian, political scientist, writer and academic — but during a recent interview on live TV, it was revealed that those aren’t the only hats he wears.


Turns out, Targalski is also an adoring (and unflappable) dad to kitties

And sometimes the hat he’s wearing is literally a cat.


While participating in an on-camera interview with Dutch news program Nieuwsuur, Targalski's darling orange cat, named Lisio, evidently decided that his human's attention should be directed elsewhere. Specifically, back to him.

Smack dab in the middle of the segment, Lisio begins climbing up Targalski's arm before settling in atop his shoulders. Then the ear licking begins.

One might imagine that this would all be very distracting, but as footage from the interview shows, Targalski doesn't miss a beat. This clearly isn't the first time he's been made into a cat perch.

Lisio wanted attention — and boy, did he get it.

This otherwise simple interview has since gone viral, becoming, perhaps, Targalski's most viewed to date.

The Dodo reached out to Targalski in hopes of learning more about his relationship with his cats, but our inquiries were not immediately returned. A quick glance at (what appears to be) his Facebook profile, however, makes things pretty clear ...


... Targalski loves his cats.

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